The newspaper was inspired by the international magazine THING / OBJECT, dedicated to contemporary art, edited by El Lissitsky and Ilya Ehrenburg. The magazine was published in Berlin in 1920 and only three issues were published. 


The magazine’s Manifesto was outlined in the first issue: 

“We called our review ‘Thing’, because for us art is the creation of new things… Every organized work — a house, a poem, or a picture — is an expedient thing that does not lead people away from life, but helps to organize it… Stop declaring or refuting — do things.”

The author of the idea and the designer is Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Dummу, august 2020

Size: 30 см x 42 см

28 pages

Languages: Russian, English

Books. Sharashka

Newspaper OBJECT № 4

The book data: 27.01.2021 

Limited edition of 250 copies (numbered and signed)  

Price:  25 Euros (including worldwide shipping)
Size: 30 см x 42 см
28 pages
Languages: English and Russian  

For more info and order please contact at:  6131905@gmail.com

Books. Sharashka
Books. Sharashka